The Fisherman's Edge

A personal water craft designed for anglers to make every aspect of the experience more enjoyable and effective

  • Stability to stand confidently

  • Comfort to fish as long as you want

  • 100% hands-free maneuvering

  • Easy to transport and launch

  • Ample accessible storage


The width and shape of the hull provide the stability you need to stand with confidence 

Don't let an unexpected swim ruin your day of fishing!


While seated, enjoy the ergonomically designed breathable mesh chair.  While standing up, leaning against the back for support.  

The paddling motion utilizes compliant pedals that eliminate stress on joints

Don't get burned-out!


It's simple-never stop fishing to re-position.  Make small effortless corrections to fish from comfortable angles rather than re-positioning after you are way out of position.  Wind and current are much easier to deal with.

Even when you're fully engaged with that monster, you're always in control.

Wind-the mortal enemy of the kayak fisherman

This is not where I want to be!

What About

Pedal Drives???


  • Speed

  • Comfortable, known motion


  • Not hands free (hand rudder control)

  • Systems w/rudder require movement before there's any steering (most people carry small hand paddle!)

  • Expensive

  • Heavy

  • Complicated/unreliable

  • Hitting bottom

  • Wrapping-up prop with weeds

Choose Simplicity!

The Fisherman's Edge is simple and more effective


With integrated wheels, bringing The Fisherman's Edge to the water is a breeze!

Get completely setup at your vehicle, then launch and you're fishing

No trips back and forth to your vehicle or extended time at the launch 


Spaces for 6 Plano utility boxes

Dry storage bin


Cup holder


Lockable storage for three 7'6" rods

Extending Range

When you need to cover a larger body of water, an integral transom on the back of the hull allows for a conventional and inexpensive trolling motor to be attached.

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